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Wordless Video

Ignite Curiosity And Compassion

In A Captivating Way! Kick off class by moving from head to heart.

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When we walk down the street or walk into class, there is no voiceover telling us who other people are, what they’re thinking, or what they’re feeling. To learn, we have to wonder. We have to engage.


Yet too often we make a judgment — about other people, cultures, and ways of life — instead of remaining curious about our feelings and about the other person. This judgment and prejudice starts by age 3before most of us can even read.


Wordless videos that are globally diverse — and filmed from a place of curiosity — can help us to introspect and act on our curiosity from an early age. To understand other people, perspectives, and ways of life every day. To move from head to heart in a mindful way, which is a great way to start any learning journey.

Empathy Story

Real world problem solving that makes SEL feel natural, meaningful, and fun — while reinforcing math and literacy learning in a cross-disciplinary way!

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Each video is paired with 3-4 stories about our new friend’s family, backstory, and work. Each of those stories has multiple word problems that tie to SEL, math, reading, and written and verbal communication goals you have!


Here we begin to challenge our assumptions, and we learn to further understand a new person’s unique perspective.


We all know it’s healthy to flex our empathy and curiosity muscles. Engaging with these real world situations makes it feel natural.


The best part?

Every story not only makes social and emotional learning real, relatable, and fun — these stories help students see the “why” behind the math and literacy they’re learning!

Lesson Plan

Creative ways to bring together social, emotional, and academic learning — in the classroom, at home, and in the community!

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Each story comes with lesson ideas to help you engage your students, make an impact in their lives, and meet your academic goals.

  • Made with love and with educator guidance: We love adapting these resources based on classroom feedback.
  • Cross disciplinary: After learning about percentages at Shantanu’s stall, students can write essays about what building community means to them in their life. Pick your subject, and there’s a way to integrate it! 
  • Take the learning beyond the classroom: Our lesson plans have all kinds of classroom, home, and community project ideas to bring classroom learnings to the dinner table and into local communities.

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