Social Emotional Learning That You(th) Love.

We’re a nonprofit on a journey to help you(th) love learning about self, others, and our world.


To breathe LIFE into learning.

Inclusive Real World Stories.

Wonderful Beyond Words.

We create Learning Journeys:

Kits of videos, short stories, and lesson plans

about unique humans from all over Earth.



Wordless Videos that hook us on curiosity before judgment.

Written Stories that weave empathy building into academics.

Lesson Plans that keep learning joyful and inclusive.



Social Emotional Learning Journeys help you(th) to become

compassionate critical thinkers. To grow awareness.

To confront bias. To seek diverse perspectives. 



To be mindful leaders reweaving

a peaceful, equitable, and just world.

Global Social Emotional Learning Journeys Designed For You(th)

Global Social Emotional Learning That's Academic

Explore amazing human stories from all around the world.

Strengthen your empathy and compassion muscles

while practicing math and literacy, too!


Bring your Social Emotional Learning to life.

Global Topics
Math Topics
Literacy Topics
Math Grade Levels
Math Objectives
Social Studies
SEL Skills
Science Topics

FEATURED: Humanity & Belonging

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See How Global Social Emotional Learning Weaves Life into Learning

Let’s Help You(th) Love Learning

About Self, Others, and Our World

Global Social Emotional Learning is for all of us.

Bring learning to life by bringing life into learning.

Global Social Emotional Learning That's Academic

Access stories that bring Global Social Emotional Learning to life.

Global Social Emotional Learning That's Academic

Bring Global Social Emotional Learning to a school near you.

Global Social Emotional Learning That's Academic

Global Social Emotional Learning can open hearts and minds.

Social Emotional Learning For Every Globally Minded Educator

Too many of us grow up without support to practice understanding

diverse people, cultures, mindsets, perspectives, and ways of life.



Without deeply engaging Social Emotional Learning.

Lots of brainstorming. Not enough “heartstorming”.



When we don’t use our empathy and critical thinking muscles,

our ability to see one another as uniquely amazing starts to wither away.



That’s where Global Social Emotional Learning comes in:

To learn to love self, others, and our world.

To practice mindsets and skills for peace, equity, and justice.

To understand one another through all of our beautiful differences.



Let’s engage students with global stories and conversations

that open hearts and minds early in life, every day, and everywhere.



You(th) can and will help all of us come back together.

With social, emotional, and academic brilliance.



Let’s untangle the knots within and between us.

Let’s reweave the fabric of our communities.

Let’s be peace.

Let’s Be WE.