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We all know Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is deeply important for all students (and all of us teachers, too). We know it’s not enough to just sprinkle SEL in here and there. We’ve got to integrate SEL with academics in an inclusive, meaningful, and ongoing way, which is clearly shown in research. But how? After all, none of us want SEL to become just another box to check off the list.


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We all want our children to grow up learning to be kind, empathetic, and globally aware. As children spend so many of their waking hours in school, it is critical we focus on developing these values, skills, and competencies in the classroom. That’s where Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) comes in.


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From Rob Schwartz, CEO of TBWAChiatDay NY:

Listen in as we unpack Abhi’s unconventional, travel-happy life. Hear about the incredible content he and his team create. And learn more about his unique and disruptive educational force called, that is actually living up to its name by making the world better.


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Excerpt: In our world today, it’s critical that students become globally minded with the capacity to understand one another and to live with compassion. Growing up in the U.S., but with regular visits to family in India, I often wondered how other humans lived around the world. While I had some global learning sprinkled in my schooling, it wasn’t nearly enough to satisfy my curiosity and desire for deeper understanding.


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Excerpt: The organization creates short day in the life videos of people from all around the world and the videos are used in classrooms to spark students’ curiosities about new places, people, and ways of thinking, while incorporating academic objectives like math and science. With Better World Ed, Wayne has traveled to 8 countries throughout Asia and the Americas creating content for them over the last few years.


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Better World Ed has put together a free Coronavirus Learning Unit for educators and students. This learning Unit discusses why learning about the virus matters, offers videos & resources, has reflection questions, suggests ways to involve your students, and provides a reading list.


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Global Social Emotional Learning (SEL) That's Academic

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Global Social Emotional Learning (SEL) That's Academic

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Global Social Emotional Learning (SEL) That's Academic

Global Social Emotional Learning can open hearts and minds.