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Donate what you can to support students in learning about self, others, and our world in a meaningful way. Every donation helps us continue to create new stories, learn alongside classrooms, and reach more students around the world with our research-backed curriculum.

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Students report that they feel a new passion for learning about the world, one another, themselves, and even math! Your donation will help make this possible for more and more youth around the world.

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Research backed, meaningful, and deeply relevant curriculum. Check out the latest research informing our work!

More Ways To Support

1) Donate while shopping on Amazon.


1b) Shop on Amazon and add some items in from our charity list!


2) Get a fun children’s poetry book, It’s A Jungle Out There, written and illustrated by a long-time Better World Ed supporter. All author proceeds will be donated to Better World Ed.


3) Donate a percentage of items you sell on eBay to Better World Ed (Reweave, inc).


4) Ask your employer if there are grant opportunities you can apply for internally to support Better World Ed, and/or if there are in-kind contributions possible within your company (ex. ad credit, products or services provided pro-bono, advertising sponsorships).


5) Sponsor new stories we will create, join our core community if you’re close to this mission and team, or sponsor classrooms.


Your contribution is deeply meaningful!