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You have no idea how excited I am about finding this program! I haven’t ordered yet, because I’m waiting for the OK from my principal to get the All Access package. If I don’t hear from him today, I’ll order it anyway. LOL!

I am very fortunate to have a great principal who listens to our ideas and pretty much lets me decide what’s best for my classes, so I’m sure it will be fine. In fact, I’ll get the subscription and just turn in the receipt to the office. That’s how confident I am that he will love this program!!

Anonymous (even though I know my principal would love knowing I said this!)

A Passionate Educator in Missouri, USA

Sue Totaro, District Curriculum Supervisor

“The beauty of the platform is that this work can be fully integrated into the existing curriculum. It’s not an additional “thing” to teach. It is how we build the capacity of all of our learners to engage with and impact the world through existing curriculum.”

Tony Wagner, Education Leader

“Better World Ed is breaking new ground in teaching students essential 21st century skills while also developing their capacity for empathy.”


Julian Cortes, 5th Grade Educator

“This experience has impacted my students in a very positive way. All students feel successful while doing the lessons and I’ve noticed all students are willing to share their thoughts and ideas. One specific example is one of my more challenging students who is now one of the kindest and most caring people I know. He has shared with me how good he feels after doing the lessons and how he feels inspired to do good in the world!”


See the short version or long version of Julian’s lesson.

Kelly Abens, 6th Grade Educator

These videos contain the power within them to change the perspective of our students and teachers alike.


In 6th grade especially, we read about many different cultures. Students come to us with preconceived notions of these cultures and it can be difficult for them to imagine something different when we are just using discussion and readings as a platform. The videos show people in their everyday lives. Having no words or voice over on the videos allows students to practice skills such as reading body language and facial expressions, and recognizing emotions. 


The bonus (and the selling point) are the lessons that are aligned to standards that come with each video! Teachers are beyond busy, so to have a lesson completely ready to go is an amazing resource. The videos can be used and integrated into any subject, and that’s the best part.


Research has proven that SEL is only successful when it is integrated into learning. This is why I pushed so hard in my district for this resource. I don’t want SEL to feel like “one more thing” to my fellow teachers. With this resource, it’s not. Better World Ed is THE thing!

Jaime Chapple, 3rd Grade Educator

“One of the things that I appreciate the most about Better World Ed is that I can use the materials as a supplement to the curriculum that I am already required to teach. The Better World Ed materials offer so many different stories of people’s lives throughout the world that easily relate to the skills that I’m teaching in the classroom. For example, if I’m teaching my 3rd graders the steps when solving for area and perimeter, the concept can seem abstract and difficult to grasp. I know that I can make the concept more relatable by tying in a Better World Ed story about farmers in South America tending to their crops.”

Melissa Pearson, K-5 Mathematics Supervisor

“There is always excitement on both the part of the teacher and the student when a learning journey is happening in the classroom.  Beyond being able to really see what students understand about particular math concepts, teachers have reported they have learned things about the lives of their students that other learning activities have not brought out.  This leads to a deeper connection between the teacher and the students paving the way for a classroom where students are more apt to be engaged and willing to share their thinking.”

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Bring Social Emotional Learning (SEL) to life with captivating curriculum content.
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Global Social Emotional Learning (SEL) That's Academic

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