Real World Math For Kids

Bring math learning to life.

Better World Ed math word problems are connected to real stories of real humans all over the world. Math through world class video, engaging narratives, and simple lesson plans.
By taking the traditional word problem and making it real world, we find that kids learn to LOVE math, while also learning to love our world and one another in a more powerful way.
Imagine every kid growing up seeing math as a tool that can help them change the world. Join us in making this possible.

Example: Fractions in Ecuador with Norma

Real world word problems from all over the planet. With videos like Norma’s that get kids hooked. Math for kids doesn’t have to be boring.

Educators Love Real World Math

Hear Sue Totaro, Supervisor for Curriculum and Instruction K-12, share her perspective on how Better World Ed stories make math more human for kids. Sue and math teachers from her district, West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District, have been partnering with Better World Ed to bring the world into dozens of classrooms.

Why Math?

Practicing empathy can’t simply be a classroom’s “extra credit”. We’ve got to weave it right into the heart of every kind of class. Especially math class.



“How would you ever teach compassion and empathy in math class!?”



It has been a beautiful thing to see. Introducing Learning Journey stories directly into math class, we have seen students more excited about learning about the world, and about learning math.



Math is a universal language. It can help us all practice empathy, ecosystem understanding, creativity, and collaboration. Anywhere in the world.



Imagine every child, educator, and parent using the Learning Journey approach as their favorite way to learn math.



Close your eyes and imagine what that world will look like. A world where empathy, curiosity, compassion, and math learning blend together as one. When we crack that together, we can do anything.