Integrate Social Emotional Learning with your Academic Curriculum

How Better World Ed Social Emotional Learning Curriculum Aligns with Academic Standards

Better World Ed is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that creates globally diverse Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) content to help youth love learning.


We carefully design our resources so that all educators, in all kinds of learning environments, feel confident in their use of Learning Journeys. Why: to ensure that these resources don’t feel like a burden, but a beautiful support to enhance classroom learning.


Through real world stories and lessons, students engage with a diverse set of key standards, while building essential social and emotional skills. Our content is created to help educators and students deepen their curiosity, empathy, and motivation. To create a love for learning about self, others, and our world.


SEL and Global Competence skills matter deeply. Together, we can meet every child’s need for academic, social, emotional, and global understanding and learning through every Learning Journey. Let’s open hearts and minds.

integrate social emotional learning and academics

More about Integrating Social Emotional Learning with Academics

Each lesson is tied to a Common Core Math Standard. Lessons are searchable by grade level range, domain, and standard in our database. For example, in the Water & Gratitude lesson for Reginah, second grade students go on a journey of solving addition and subtraction problems by determining the liters of water Reginah will need to meet her various daily household needs.


The math challenges are integrated within the story. The person sharing the story, like Reginah in our example, poses the problem to the students. Adding math within the stories helps students understand the real world value of being able to address math word problems.


Integration of academic standards and social emotional skills is key to raising empathetic humans that make our world more equitable, just, and peaceful.


Learning Journeys help teachers seamlessly weave these learning goals together while helping youth build empathy for self, others, and Earth.

integrate social emotional learning and academics

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