Bring Your Professional Development To Life. Even Virtually.

We often hear educators ask if we offer professional development (PD). We do! Let’s explore the many ways we engage in PD. Reach out and request PD here.


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Bring Your Professional Development To Life. Even Virtually.

Better World Ed exists to help all of us love learning about self, others, and our world. The Learning Journey content that we create takes classrooms on a journey around the world, learning about unique humans living different, beautiful lives. As educators and school leaders learn about the curriculum resources, we hear the question often:


Do you all offer Professional Development?


We do! And with COVID-19 changing the way we engage as humans, we have been reimagining what Professional Development (PD) can look like.


It’s important to remember that this curriculum isn’t only for K-12 students. We’ve heard many educators share with us that they feel they are learning so much about themselves and others through engaging with these resources. Often, we will hear educators share they feel they are becoming more empathetic, more curious, more aware, and more compassionate — even simply from the time they spend prepping from lessons, before class even starts.


We’ve also now heard several times from educators that simply having a conversation together about this work and mission is inspiring, meaningful, and helpful to them as educators. “This is what I wish all PD was” has been said more than once now. “Why can’t Better World Ed curriculum just be our PD?” is also becoming more common. 


During COVID-19 especially, we see this as an extra powerful reminder that it’s time to reimagine Professional Development together.



Global Social Emotional Learning as Professional Development


The curriculum we create is all about encouraging critical thinking, curiosity, empathy, and compassion. So why not follow our educators’ advice and make the curriculum not only a teaching tool, but a more formal PD resource, too?


Enter Learning Units.


We have now created our first few (head to the “Resources” tab above to browse). There are many more to come.


Each of these learning units weaves together curated content about the topics and themes featured throughout Better World Ed’s Learning Journeys (examples: humanity & belonging, teaching, health). From there, educators can explore the actual stories and lessons within the Better World Ed curriculum — the same stories and lessons they teach in class. Except with a twist:



Enter Educator Lesson Plans.


Our original classroom lesson plans weave K-12 academic goals throughout. Educators may not feel like doing a fractions problem during their PD (though are more than welcome to, if that’s fun!). With our Educator Lesson Plans, we’re designing new formats for lessons that double down on the SEL and Professional Learning side, and focus less on the academic side. 


Imagine diving into all of your Professional Learning goals for SEL by exploring the stories of humans all over the world. Stories that encourage us to wonder, to ask questions, to strive to understand, to recognize and confront bias, and so much more. 


Head to the resources tab above for a preview of some units and lessons, or reach out to explore how we might collaborate in bringing Professional Development to life!


And if you know this is for you already, you can simply sign up!


Every Professional Development resource we’ve created thus far, and all of the resources to come, are all included within your educator membership. So if you’re looking for a resource that can both be great for your students, and for your own professional learning (whether solo or through virtual discussions with colleagues), you’ve come to just the right spot.

Bring Your Professional Development To Life. Even Virtually.

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