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Global Social Emotional Learning

That’s Human, Inclusive & Academic

Social Emotional Learning Curriculum That's Global and Academic

Our Global Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is for everyone. Anywhere.

Integrating SEL with academics? Global learning from home?

Need culturally inclusive, equity-focused SEL content?


You belong here.

Note: we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

All funds go towards making Global SEL possible.



Access 20 carefully chosen Written Stories and 20 Lesson Plans that pair with Wordless Videos!

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Access 50 carefully chosen Written Stories and 50 Lesson Plans that pair with Wordless Videos!

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All Access

ALL 150+ Written Stories and Lesson Plans from 10+ countries (linked to every Wordless Video we’ve made) & All New Stories

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Bring SEL and Academics to Life.

Authentic. Adaptive. Amazing.

Equity Focused

Culturally inclusive. Compassion and equity focused. Global SEL with depth.

Meaningful Math

Respond to “how does this matter in the world?” Authentic academics through real world stories.

Work On Bias

Confront biases and challenge assumptions with students. Build trust. Learn together.

Diverse Stories

Stories about real people around the world. Everyone belongs. Everyone feels included.

Integrated SEL

Weave SEL, math, and literacy together. Make SEL possible every day.

Go Beyond Words

No narration, no subtitles. Videos with no language barriers. Inspire awe!

Smooth Lessons

Our lesson plans are 1 page. Short and sweet. Plan class during your morning tea.

Amazing Videos

Hook students in any class with captivating videos from all over Earth.

Members Get More Magic

Research-backed videos, stories, and lesson plans:


Fuel Curiosity And Compassion In A Captivating Way! Kick off class by moving from head to heart.


Our videos are created without narration for two main reasons. Classrooms can use them anywhere in the world, without language barriers. And research shows that wordless stories help viewers flex their empathy, curiosity, and compassion muscles — while improving learning outcomes.


Learn deeply through experience, reflection, and important conversations!

Why Wordless?

When we sit down at a meeting or walk into class, there is no voiceover telling us who other people are, what they’re thinking, or what they’re feeling. We have to wonder. We have to engage.


Yet too often we settle with a judgment — about self, other people, cultures, and ways of life — instead of remaining curious beyond that initial judgment. This judgment and prejudice starts by age 3before most kids can even read.


Wordless videos can help kids value and act on their curiosity about other people, perspectives, and ways of life early in life and every day. And that’s showing to matter for academic learning, too.


Wordless stories have been shown to boost curiosity and engagement, to improve reading comprehension and academic learning, and to help students explore topics that matter to them. These benefits are showing to be interconnected: fostering curiosity and a sense of purpose is fundamental for a student’s academic success, and early math and reading success is a strong predictor of long term success. New research is also showing that curiosity building can play a huge role in a student’s overall academic learning.


We live in stories. We learn through stories. We wonder through stories. Telling us how to think or what to think or why just isn’t exciting. Empathy doesn’t stick if you tell somebody to be empathetic. It’s pretty ineffective to say “be kinder to others” or “wonder about others!!!” like an instruction. Showing is key.


Stories move people to action, and engaging content is SO important for kids today.


Plus, in a world of ads and messages screaming at us, taking out the words is just kinda refreshing.


Check out a story to see for yourself!


Read more about Why Wordless in this article with GivingCompass or this piece in Teaching Channel!

Social Emotional Learning Curriculum That's Global and Academic


Real world problem solving that makes SEL feel natural, meaningful, and fun — while reinforcing math and literacy learning in a cross-disciplinary way!


Each video is paired with 3-4 stories about our new friend’s family, backstory, and work. Each of those stories has multiple word problems that tie to SEL, math, reading, and various written and verbal communication goals you have!


Creative ways to bring together social, emotional, and academic learning — in the classroom, at home, and in your community!


Our Lesson Plans are crafted to engage students and educators. Support students in making an impact in their lives and communities, and meet your academic goals too. And every lesson has classroom, home, and/or community project ideas. Bring meaningful classroom conversations to every dinner table.

Social Emotional Learning Curriculum That's Global and Academic

Join students, teachers, and schools working to help us all LOVE learning.

Bring Social Emotional Learning (SEL) to life with captivating curriculum content.

“Social Emotional Learning that’s Global in every way.”


Globally Diverse content across cultures, topics, and ways of life.

Globally Taught by amazing teachers all over the world.

Globally Impactful to help us all come together.