Teacher Professional Development for Global Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Want to have amazing educators and storytellers spend time with your teachers for online and remote professional learning opportunities? Want to explore building a more peaceful, just, and equitable world? Need a reminder that teachers are incredible? Looking for new ways to bring diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice into your everyday life and classroom conversations? SEL can’t just be an hour block for students or teachers once a week. It has to be integrated into every aspect of learning and school. Integrated SEL is not only ideal — it is necessary. Online Professional Development (PD) for Global Social Emotional Learning (SEL) that’s engaging and real-world.


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Engaging Teacher Professional Development For Lifelong Learners

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Lifelong learning matters for students, and for educators too.


We know this to our core. Though with everything going on, sometimes we don’t have the energy to invest deeply in this kind of learning. At least not with the depth and intention we’d like as educators.


Does this resonate? Keep reading!


All of us have the potential to learn, grow, and become better people to ourselves, one another, and our world. Every day.


What if Professional Learning and Professional Development became a joyous, amazing, engaging experience?


What if Teacher PD was about going on a learning journey together and reimagining what professional development is all about?


Let’s make PD interactive, fun, engaging, and dynamic. A two-way conversation. A gathering to explore how we can be better educators, and better people, in our day to day teaching and our day to day lives. 



How? With wordless videos and beautiful stories to guide us.


We live in stories. We learn through stories. We wonder through stories. Telling us how to think or what to think or why just isn’t exciting. Empathy doesn’t stick if you tell somebody to be empathetic. It’s pretty ineffective to say “be kinder to others” or “wonder about others!!!” like an instruction. Showing is key.


Stories move people to action, and engaging content is SO important for kids today. Plus, in a world of ads and messages screaming at us, taking out the words is just kinda refreshing. Check out a story to see for yourself!


Read more about Why Wordless Videos in this article with GivingCompass or this piece in Teaching Channel!

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