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Social Emotional Learning That Works Anywhere You(th) Are Learning

Better World Ed is informed by Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) data, global competency research, and educational/behavioral psychology research. Most importantly, it is informed by consistent experiences learning from educators and students. This guides the development of Learning Journeys: videos, stories, and lesson plans that encourage the practice of empathy, understanding, and meaningful learning about new cultures and academic concepts. The goal: help you(th) love learning about self, others, and our world.


Teachers and students feel Learning Journeys are unique because of the use of real, authentic, and captivating storytelling as a hook and learning foundation. A good story can inspire curiosity in all of us, regardless of age. In the classroom, providing real stories from a unique human’s perspective helps students make deeper connections with what they are learning.


Through wordless videos that share a glimpse of someone else’s world, students tap into and further develop their curiosity — a skill proven to ignite a sense of lifelong learning and to increase academic achievement.Removing the context and prescribed narrative from a video gives students room to use their imagination, another essential life skill, to understand the narrative based on what they see. Pairing the wordless videos with standards-aligned lesson plans, students and teachers dive into real-world applications of problem-solving and critical thinking. Students have the opportunity to actively explore new regions of our world, and to engage in dynamic learning experiences that increase empathy, curiosity, and problem-solving.


Better World Ed content can be used to teach a variety of topics like math, science, social studies, and literacy all while building social-emotional competencies to help students learn to love self, others, and our world.


Better World Ed curriculum is designed to be adaptive across learning environments. Our Learning Journeys can be used in school, in virtual learning environments, for homeschooling, at home with family, and as professional development for educators. This is for anyone eager to learn about self, others, and our world in a deeper way.


We are here to support educators, parents, and schools with lesson plans, resources, tips, guides, and more to support our global videos and written narratives. It’s a wildly challenging time in our world, and we want to be as helpful as possible in making Global SEL possible early in life, every day, and everywhere.

social emotional learning online learning for teachers and students

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