Digital Citizenship Curriculum For Elementary & Middle School Students

Better World Ed’s digital citizenship curriculum content is globally inclusive, real-world, and all about teaching global citizenship with elementary and middle school students in a meaningful way.



Real life stories to inspire global citizens for a better world.

Example: Shantanu Builds Community In India

Digital citizenship through wordless videos and inclusive human stories that engage educators and elementary and middle school students.



Digital citizenship doesn’t have to be boring. Let’s help all youth love learning about self, others, and our world through captivating content.

Digital Citizenship For Elementary Students SEL Social Emotional Learning

Students Love Digital Citizenship Curriculum That’s Captivating

Hear Tony Wagner speak about the importance of digital citizenship, curiosity, and changemaking in our world today. Let’s help youth learn to love learning from an early age. From elementary school and beyond! 

Why Digital Citizenship For Elementary Students?

Practicing empathy can’t be a classroom’s “extra credit”. We can weave it right into the heart of every class.



Digital citizenship is for students at every level in school, homeschooling, and beyond. Elementary, middle school, and high school! 



Imagine a world where we all learn to be global leaders, leading forward change in our own lives, each other’s lives, and our world.



Where we learn to practice empathy, curiosity, creativity, collaboration, and more to create a more peaceful, equitable, and just world!



Reweave Humanity & Reweave Community with Better World Ed. Students & Educators Create A Better World Education Through Wordless Videos & Human Stories. For our shared humanity. Humanize Learning. Teach Empathy In School & Home. Humanize Math. Homeschooling curriculum. Self guided learning. student led learning. Digital citizenship. Global citizenship. helps you(th) grow self-awareness, global curiosity, 21st century life skills, civics, character, belonging, well-being, and SEL competencies organically.



At every age! Digital citizenship curriculum designed for educators, parents, and students. School and homeschooling.



You(th) deserve digital citizenship stories that inspire. Engaging education for our hearts, minds, and souls. For Ubuntu. Unity. Belonging.



Digital citizenship curriculum for a peaceful, equitable, and just world. Right in the heart of math class.



Let’s reimagine education to raise a world of global citizens.

“The beauty of Better World Ed? The wordless videos and stories can be fully integrated into our existing curriculum.


It’s not an additional “thing” to teach. Better World Ed is how we build the capacity of all of our learners to engage with and impact the world through existing curriculum.”

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Too many of us grew up without support to practice understanding.



Understanding diverse people, cultures, feelings, mindsets, perspectives & ways of life.



Without support to practice curiosity before judgment.



Without support to deeply sense. Instead, we were told we’re too sensitive.



Without support in learning to learn for life.



Too much instructing. Not enough guiding.



Too much what to think. Not enough how to wonder.



Too much “don’t show emotions”. Not enough embracing feelings.



Too much “be strong”. Not enough healing.



Brainstorming without “heartstorming”.



We need digital citizenship education for our hearts.



Without building our empathy and curiosity muscles, our ability to see one another as unique, whole, and complex humans starts to wither away.



That leads to knots in our chests, bullying, prejudice, and bias. Judgment. Discrimination. Dehumanization. Conflict. 



Violence and war in our hearts and minds. In thought, word, and action.



Trying to address our global challenges with wit and new ideas can feel good, but only for so long.



We can innovate to re-distribute all of our food and all of our funds, but how long will this last and what peace will it bring if we still hold on to bias, judgment, prejudice, ignorance, or hate deep in our hearts and minds?



That’s why digital citizenship education is necessary for every one of us, ages 2 and up:



To love lifelong learning about self, others, and our world.



To learn to love self, others, and our world — and our deep interconnections.



To understand ourselves and each other through all of our complex and beautiful differences.



To learn to resolve conflict. To be at peace with ourselves and others.



To suspend judgment and truly see one another. To humanize. To heal together.



Let’s engage with humanizing stories and questions that open our hearts and minds.



Early in life, every day, and everywhere.



Let’s untangle the knots within and between us.



Let’s reweave the fabric of our communities.



Let’s move from head to heart.



Let’s Be WE.

Right here and right now.

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